Jump Rope

Back in the dawn of my employment my aunt worked in Payroll, while I worked in the lofty sounding National Accounts. A few weeks prior to this particular incident my sister had borrowed a jump rope from my aunt. I think she had some errant thought of actually exercising on vacation. Go fig.

Being the dutiful sister I am, I offered to return the jump rope to my dear aunt. My thoughtfulness knows no bounds.

One bright morning I wandered back to her cube, jump rope in hand, only to find the head of HR and Payroll lounging against her walls chatting. I stood quietly and waited. Unfortunately this gave me ample time to think. The imp rose within, which isn’t hard since it has such a short distance to travel.

Then, just as the conversation wound down to a natural end, they turned and spotted me. I smiled sweetly and handed the jump rope to my aunt with a very chipper….

“My dad says thanks but he didn’t enjoy being tied up nearly as much as he thought he would.”

The only sound as I trundled merrily away was that of jaws bouncing off the carpet.

Sometimes, being me is just too darn fun.

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3 Responses to Jump Rope

  1. Alice says:

    Too dang funny, love it.

  2. Candy says:

    I wish I would have truly known you then but I did always enjoy your trips into the payroll world when I was back there.

  3. Too funny! You remind me of a friend of mine. You two could never meet. It would be disastrous to the rest of us. 🙂

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